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Thursday, September 2, 2010

10 months

Dear Lyla,
Mom is slow, but I wanted to tell you about your 10th month of life anyway. With each month comes new develops and moments that are treasure-worthy. I reveal small glimpses I get of the women you will become. Strong minded. playful. lovable. I feel so lucky to have you as my daughter. Each day, minute and second is so amazing to me. I can't get enough of moments when you crawl into my lap just because...your contemplative mood after a good nap...when you get so excited you clench your fist and shake. If only you could tell me the brilliant things you think. I have so many things I want for you but mostly I want you to know your worth. That the world is good. And that you can do anything....just like you are now.
The theme of this month is probably curiosity. You have learned how great it is to explore and play. With that has come increased mobility and independence. You are in to everything! No cupboard, shelf or laundry basket goes undiscovered. We've learned that nothing is sacred and that redecorating was a must. I love this phase though and smile at the little messes I find throughout the day because it reminds me of what a smart little stinker you are!
Here are a few more things about you...

  1. You smack your lips! It's so funny
  2. You enjoy crawling under things like your stand and play toy and end tables, etc. You cry when you can't get out though.
  3. You had your first sickness which is pretty good for 10 months but it was still sad. I hated watching your little body throw up.
  4. You understand what the rocking chair means and resist it with everything in you! It no longer works to put you to sleep. Ugh.
  5. You do this weird flailing fish thing before you fall asleep now. You crawl in circles and sort of thrash about. It's not our favorite thing.
  6. You dig on pop tarts
  7. You can do patty cake! It's so adorable. You will clap your little hands together as soon as the song starts
  8. Your knees are always red. A sure sign of your development!
  9. You are still a bad sleeper. I think teething has made what was bad, worse. You wake anywhere from 3-8 times a night, rarely nap, and take a good hour to fall asleep at night. There's some nights you are pretty much all night long. You are stubborn too and if you get to a certain point of exhaustion, we can kiss sleep goodbye. It's kinda a Dr. Jekyl-Mr Hyde thing--you are so sweet during the day and mean than mean at night!
  10. You tried funnel cake on the 24th and fell in love
  11. When you see something you want to eat you smack your lips! lol
  12. Your diet pretty much consists of breast milk, puffs and fruit.
  13. You can feed yourself now!
  14. You quite enjoy watermelon, dried mangoes and cantaloupe but NOT raspberries
  15. You dare to leave mom for much greater distances
  16. You have your top two teeth now--and boy were they tough to get here
  17. You love crawling in and out of your little pink chair
  18. You dig on goldfish crackers
  19. You get so excited at times you yell.
  20. You take fist fulls of food and try to shove it in your mouth like it's your last supper
  21. You try constantly to climb things--you're so daring!! We've learned to put things higher up because you'll find a way to get them.
  22. You like to turn pages of books now and rarely try to rip them...we're getting there!
  23. You talk to us with animation, wish we knew what you were saying.
  24. Towards the end of your 10th month, you decided solids are good. Now you eat all kinds of stuff all day!
  25. You can scream talk to us or yourself for hours
  26. You anticipate things now and go for them
  27. We find food treasures in your diaper from time to time :)