welcome to my internet home. this blog used to be cool, with insights about mental health, social policy, pop culture and the like. now, it's a chaotic collection of my mis-spelled, scribbled-down notes on motherhood (who has time to proof read?). it's over-ran with goldfish cracker crumbles, slobery wet kisses, and un-edited pictures. and i would have it no other way. feel free to laugh and cry along side me while I balance a practice (mental heath) and motherhood, and their interconectedness

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My girl is one

(if you can't tell her shirt is a cupcake with one candle on it :)
My baby is one.....sigh. I decided to spend the day doing things Lyla loves. We had a picnic at the park, ate all her favorite foods and moved out all the furniture in the living room and played with toys all day. For her party, I decided to have it that Saturday with just family. The over-doer in me wanted to do a big grandiose bash, but then I realized doing that would mean I would spend the whole day getting ready for adults and not Lyla. I'd be paying attention to hosting and cleaning, etc, and NOT her....so we did it small but fun. We blew up the swimming pool and filled it with balls, one of Lyla's fav. The party treats were toddler food and everyone pretty much sat on the floor. Lyla had fun playing with all her stuff with the cousins and was spoiled rotten. I think she had a pretty good day:) I did good most the day but I have to admit I started choking up when we started singing her happy birthday. I don't know why, just thinking this is my sweet little miracle baby here, and celebrating one whole year of life. It really is quite amazing when you think about it. She is simply amazing. Really, she is.
The birthday chair!

TOYS!! We got her the wagon which she LOVES

The CAKE & Cupcakes: Caterpillars to Butterfly. Get it???

Opening all those gifts!

This is a cloth tent to go over a card board table Jenny made. Cute huh??

Blowing out the Candles!

Suprisingly, Lyla was super timid and wouldn't dig in. I eventually took off a chunk and gave it to her to eat. I don't think she knew what to think about that giant butterfly

Best Cousins

Lyla and Addy are besties. Jenny and I swap babysitting once a week and these two have a ball with each other. Addy is so good and saying Lyla and Lyla squeals and points when she sees Addy. It's so fun living close to cousins. I hope they're always tight.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A picture...

if you're like Todd was,
you need to see it to beleive it Suprised/shocked/scared/excited/grateful/overjoyed/honored/etc.etc. to be adding a new little one
April 21st
Want me to do the math for you? I'm 14 weeks. They'll be 19 months apart.
more details to come

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

11 months

-still playing catch-up-
Dear Lyla,
Quit growing my baby! I swear you change everyday and to add to it, you have these periods where overnight you grasp a huge concept, like mimicing, and change in a big way overnight! In all truthfulness, your very cuteness helps me deal because I see each day how I'm not losing all things cute and wonderful, just gaining new things to love about you. The theme of this month is probably personality. My oh my how you have one! You are so lively and seem to just love life. We love live with you here.
* You can scream talk for hours....like just sit there and scream your babbles with excitment.
*You've learned associations between things and anticipate them. Like seeing the puffs container makes you whine a little, etc.
* I don't think you're a fan of sour things. You DO NOT like raspberries! You get the funniest sour puss face
*We're learned that NOTHING is sacred at our house. Even our bodies! You love crawling all over us while we lay on the carpet
*You're discovering your body more...including your diaper. You tug and pull at it when you're naked. I hope this isn't a sign of your future plans to take off your diaper. You rub your belly when you're naked. So cute
*You decided you like solids! Now you pretty much eat with us. You are a major carb-a-holic though. If we give you bites of a hamburger, you only eat the bun, and so on. If you had your choice you'd live off of fruit bread, puffs and chocolate.
*You still LOVE your bath. You start thrashing when the water starts filling because you just want to jump right in.
*You lay your head on my pillow to fall asleep. It's so cute
*Everyone knows when you're doing the #2. You make it quit know by getting on all fours and grunting up a storm. Quite the workout I think
*Any empty thing (or thing than can be emptied) becomes your little play home. It's so funny, you crawl into baskets, laundry baskets, toy bins, you name it!
*You love juice in the sippy but refuse to hold it for yourself. Can't decided if it's diva-ness of inability.
*You LOVE the itsy bitsy spider still and now will do the spider movements with your hands.
*You are so playful right after waking up. I love it. You just want to go go go
*This month has been the month of code browns in the bath tub. Not sure why but it's not cool Lyla
*Laundry baskets seem to be your everest and you work hard to empty them so you can climb in them
*You are still not the best sleeper in the world. Or, maybe the worst ;) You wake anywhere from 4-8 times a night and still don't nap well. Somehow you're still always happy though. Go figure.
*You have 4 teeth