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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Halloween Party #2

Dear Lyla and Lottie, your second Halloween Party was at our house! We invited all your friends to come dressed up, eat ooky food, and play ooky games.  The party went just as I had wanted it to..good, loosely structured fun.  Lyla dressed as a witch this party (like her mama) and Lottie rocked her BOO! shirt.  You both looked adorable.  Lyla, you got so excited when people started showing up, that you would squeal!  You played and played and played with your buddies, Mario (from Mario Cart), Addie the Pirate, Mckinlee the fairy, Sleeping Beauty, A Bear, and Cindarella.  Making slime was a ball.  Each kid got a turn stirring the green slime and then they each got some to play with in a baggie.  Then, you guys went trick-or-treating in each room of our house!  The parents took turns handing out candy.  I thought that would just be a silly little time-waster, but surprisingly, you guys LOVED it! and kept knocking on the door for more candy even after the mommies were done.  We had delicious food including ooky spirder web cupcakes and mummies.   DSC09594DSC09593DSC09592DSC09591DSC09590DSC09589DSC09588DSC09587DSC09586DSC09595DSC09596DSC09607DSC09606DSC09605DSC09604DSC09603DSC09602DSC09601DSC09600DSC09599DSC09598DSC09597DSC09625DSC09624DSC09623DSC09622DSC09621DSC09620DSC09619DSC09618DSC09617DSC09612DSC09611DSC09610DSC09609DSC09608

Halloween Party #1


Dear Lyla, you are a popular gal, and had a few Halloween parties to attend.  We rocked THREE different costumes this year (It’s hard keeping you social calendar straight Smile).  You went as a Princess to this party, and wore your birthday outfit.  Obviously, you were the cutest Princess there!  This party my friend Brittany hosted, and was amazing.  There were probably 50 people there.  They had a cotton candy maker and activities galore.  Lyla’s favotire part was definitely bobbing for apples, or rather, soaking yourself to the bone.  You love kids and activities, so of course you had a ball. 

Learning Day: Squishy Bags


Lyla is a huge fan of finding things right now.  I’ll ask her, “where’s the ____?” and she’ll put her hands in the air, perplexed until she finds it.  Proudly she’ll announce “there it is” in the poetic way with all three words running together.  So when my fav website posted this, I had to do it with her.  It’s just a ziploc full of $1 Store hair gel (Dollar Tree should pay me for advertisement huh?) and little foam letters and shapes hidden in it.  She also added about a gallon of glitter, because everything’s more fun with glitter.  Lyla spent forever finding the little things in the gel.  She’s a big fan. Lottie also enjoys squeezing it relentlessly.   However, note to self and others: if you leave the bag on the floor, the mother holding a screaming baby will step on it and send gel all over the place.  Oh, and your 2 year old WILL find a way to get the ziploc open if it kills them.  And then the possibilities of destruction are limitless.  Why do I add this chaos to my life?  Not quite sure. 


Yep, I’m posting about ho’s.  Horses that is.  Over the summer we randomly stopped on our walk to look at the horses (our next door neighbors are these beautiful horses) as they were feeding on the plants growing on our side of the fence.  Lyla and I started pulling the ones that were too far for them to reach and feeding them. This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.  She got SUCH a kick out of this I can hardly describe it, she was so excited.  “I feed the ho’s!”.  Since that day we’ve gone and fed the ho’s about once a week.  This day we invited Addie and Jenny along.  Jenny was a fradey cat and Addie kept saying “be brave mom”  lol.  Addie loved it too.  Lyla’s really into farm animals right now, so I can imagine why feeding them is so much fun for her. The plants we fed the horses with have since frozen and died but we still go visit them weekly.   I *secretly* buy too many carrots and apples at the store so we have something to feed them. Lyla asks almost daily to go feed the hos, and the other day got into the fridge and brought me the bag of apples and said “feed the hos!”.   Crafty little one she is! But gosh I love seeing her face light up when they start approaching.  I can’t help but laugh as she summons her biggest voice to yell “mere ho’s!”.  When they arrive at the gate it’s such triumph!  She yells “there they is!”.  I feel particularly spoiled to have such wonderful neighbors.  These tiny pictures hardly show it, but these photos are so vibrant and not enhanced at all.  We live in such a beautiful place. 


A Penny Saved…


We’re going to Hawaii this year for a certain someone’s wedding (that someone isn’t officially engaged so stay tuned), so we decided we should teach Lyla the importance of saving.  HAHAHA jk.  We’re not that responsible of parents.  One day Lyla grabbed the laundry cup of loose change and I thought it’d be fun for her to put them in the slots of her penny bank.  Then after the fact I told her we were gonna save it for Hawaii.  She giggled and kept saying “my money!”.  Sad story, when she got done she took the piggy into the kitchen to show dad how rich she was and dropped and shattered it all over the hard floor.  She was so sad.  So we promised her an IRA.  LOL

What Woman Want Expo


Brooke and I decided to brave the What Women Want Expo in St. George, and even braver, to bring our kids.  It was slightly nightmareish mainly because Lyla has decided she needs to prove me wrong and demonstrate just how terrible the 2’s can be.  She can be the sweetest child ever, and the meanest, which came out on our trip.  She didn’t want to sit in the stroller which was a problem with the volume of people.  After lugging her around and giving up and going to the jumpiest or retrieve, we had a greater nightmare at Kneaders.  I’ll just sum it up by saying there were lots of tantrums and near wrestling matches, THREE cups of soda dumped out, and stabbing of the food instead of eating of the food.  And Lottie screamed the whole time to boot.  Phew! I’m tired just thinking about it.  I had fun with Brooke though, I love our chats. 

Learning Day: Paint!

Paint is always a good fall-back activity anytime we’re board.  Lyla got so excited when she saw me gathering the supplies for this  “ooky” (Halloween) and Fall paint day.  She started pulling the lid off the finger pain before I even had all the paper tapped over the table.  The egg carton was used to made a tree and we used $ Store spiders as stamps.  Lyla also digs on the paint droppers (thank you Township Pharmacy).  She’ll suck up two or three colors of paint and then giggle as it splats out all over the paper.