welcome to my internet home. this blog used to be cool, with insights about mental health, social policy, pop culture and the like. now, it's a chaotic collection of my mis-spelled, scribbled-down notes on motherhood (who has time to proof read?). it's over-ran with goldfish cracker crumbles, slobery wet kisses, and un-edited pictures. and i would have it no other way. feel free to laugh and cry along side me while I balance a practice (mental heath) and motherhood, and their interconectedness

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012

Guess What?

Blogger is giving us the boot.  Rude huh?  I’ve exceeded the space for photos and I’m too cheap to buy more so we are moving!


I’m also going private (lame I know), so leave me your email address and I’ll be sure to add you to you can still read our blog.  I know I have several stalkers and I’ll add you too!  Assuming you’re not a serious creeper. 



Dear Lyla, you had your second opportunity to meet Santa at our ward Christmas Party.  Just as before, you FREAKED!!! and wanted nothing to do with Santa.  I thought that you might change your mind since there were so many other kids loving on Santa, but no such luck! Next year when I feel back because I have no pictures of you by Santa, this post will remind me not to feel bad.  You kept saying “no like Santa!”.  HAHA.  This is the closest you’d let me get you to Santa.  Maybe next year silly girl!