welcome to my internet home. this blog used to be cool, with insights about mental health, social policy, pop culture and the like. now, it's a chaotic collection of my mis-spelled, scribbled-down notes on motherhood (who has time to proof read?). it's over-ran with goldfish cracker crumbles, slobery wet kisses, and un-edited pictures. and i would have it no other way. feel free to laugh and cry along side me while I balance a practice (mental heath) and motherhood, and their interconectedness

Monday, December 31, 2007


As I mentioned before, the Kunz's decided to delay Christmas until Zach returns from his mission. We've been anxiously awaiting his arrival from Ukraine. Todd and I headed down to Cedar Saturday morning to spent a week with the family celebrating Christmas...AGAIN! Here's a recap of the events....

Saturday: arrived late afternoon. We caught up on times past and played Phase 10. My mom has relentlessly convinced my sister's and I to play our instruments' at Zach's mission report (Jan 13th). My mom crafted our musical endeavors when we were young so that she could have a quartet; My older sister and I play the violin, Callie plays that viola and Melissa plays the cello. We've decided to play an arrangement of "Come Thou Fount". It's pretty technical in nature so a good chunk of my time on Saturday was spent practicing with the girls. Towards the end of the evening, my sister Callie was going on a date, so I demanded that she open my Christmas gift to her so she could wear the cute new shirt and shoes I bought her.

This is how we chat...My spot was in the middle of the two counters. Whats wrong with us?

She's such an Abercrombie girl

Heading out; Callie was embarrassed bc we all ran to the door to see him...he heSunday: Church with my mom. Our lesson was on budgeting and it STRESSED me out. I plan and plan and plan financially but it just seems like there is always something to be doing differently. UGH! We then had a nice dinner and went to my moms friend's house to practice our song yet again. After that we played Phase 10 again and watched a movie.

Monday, NEW YEARS EVE. The day (more like afternoon) began with a big breakfast with the family. In the afternoon I went with my mom and sisters to the craft store to stock up on the after Christmas sales. I got some cute decorations. When we returned I painted a few of the decorations and addressed our "Holiday Cards" (I can't call them Christmas cards bc that would mean they're late). Todd and I also went for a little drive around Cedar City and ran a few errands. The celebrations began with the Kunz tradition: Chinese food! I love getting Chinese take-out and drinking out of fancy glasses pretending like we're high class. Todd also made his favorite dip for pre-dinner snacking. Yummy. Melissa and I made Pina Coladas so that we could do cheers to the new year. To pass the time we watched the Waitress (another movie I loved this year). We then of course rang in the New Year. I have to admit, we are kind-of boring...no boozing or extravagant parties, but it was still very fun...Here's to 08'!!!! Our "Holiday Cards"Todd cooking; A momentous occasions!!Chinese... YUMMY!Not sure whats funny but my mom looks DRUNK!Pina Coladas....!Another great part of the evening was Elsie dancing for us! Callie taught her the dance to "Soldier Boy". They busted it out on the Bose and danced the whole song. This is Elsie doing the "Superman"Here's Elsie's New Years beadsThis is Elsie doing the Hanna Montana dance (I guess she does this weird arm waving move...its so funny when Elsie does it!)An early New Years CelebrationParty!CHEERS!!A Kiss to 08'Good-bye 2007, HELLO 2008 Tuesday, 2008 BABY!!! Some major sleeping in followed by some serious indulgence...I spent 4 solid hours reading TWILIGHT. I resisted the craze until I got to Cedar and my sister's had it waiting for me. Feeling useless, I did some work (one of the many blessings of doing research for a living...it can be done anywhere that has an Internet connection) and then did the financial budgeting for the New Year. I'm usually not one to set resolutions (I can't stand to set myself up for failure) but this year I've set many and keeping a closer budget is one of them. The evening ended with some Uno playing and the movie Balls of Fury (I've wanted to see this forever...not sure why haha)

Here's Callie painting a sigh for welcoming Zach home. Elsie doing more Hanna Montana"Crankin it" (it's a move from the "Soldier Boy" dance) At one point, Elsie said to me, "Crank that Chelsea"!!Superman....oh!

Wednesday. A pretty chill day. I went to lunch with my long-time friend Mckell. It was so fun to catch up. It's good to know that some people are consistently good. We also went to Melissa's cello instructor's house to practice, practice, practice. I am truly grateful for the opportunity I had to learn to play a musical instrument but man am I sick of it right now! My family had a goal to play a different card/board game each day so we of course played some games. The evening ended with a trip to the movies. We went to National Treasure. It was really good! I love that both movies are slightly educational...truth mixed with B.S! For instance, did you know there are actually three Statue of Liberties?? I googled it...FACT! Isn't Google the best thing ever?

Thursday. Lucky us got stuck moving furniture around for my mom to make room for Zach to movie back in. BOO! We also got word that Zach's flight was delayed. He had to spend the night in Russia all by himself :( He won't be in St. George until LATE Friday night. This was a bummer since my family has been suspending Christmas celebration until he arrives. The family will now have to wait until Saturday morning to open gifts. I also got an e-mail from my boss saying that one of the governmental agencies that we do research for has requested that I conduct an exhaustive lit review and write up an additional document for them (I guess bc they found the previous so riveting hehe) and they want it by NEXT WEEK. YIKES! This meant I did a bunch of work today and will continue to do as much during the rest of the Va-K...one of the few, but serious down-sides to being on salary. Although the day was a bit of a bust, the evening was a total blast!!! My other long-time friend Brooke and her boyfriend invited us down to play their Wii. We got ice cream and then went back to their house for some Wii fun. TODD AND I HAD SUCH A GOOD TIME!! We bowled, golfed, played baseball, and guitar hero. I have to say I beat Todd pretty much every game-whats up. My arm was seriously sore after and my stomach ached from laughing so hard. YAY for the Wii!!

A bad shot...
Brooke's hard core...she bowls sitting down

Gettin Low... The score! i had to take a picture bc i beat Todd!!Friday. Zach finally came home! We spent most of the morning preparing for his arrival, we made signs and put cups in the fense over-looking the freeway spelling " Heart Elder Kunz" to welcome him home. The hours slowly ticked into the late evening where we headed to St. George to await is arrival in the little airport there. His flight was of course delayed, but we finally got him...despite his luggage. Here's some picture of the day...

Making the treturous walk up the over-pass...to make the sign of cupsThe unforgiving free-way below...haha I may be slightly overexaggeratingHard at work despite the 30 mile-an-hour windThe finished productThe view from the Free-wayHeading out to the airport...This is what I like to call the "Shrine to Zach Wall" It's a count-down and all his pictures.A Russian WelcomeIs he here yet?!?Still waiting...Still waiting....Todd took over my sign holding responsibilities bc it took sooo long!There he is!!!!Group hug, me Melissa and CallieA Father and Son bondThe drive home...We're so glad to have him back!!!Saturday, Jan 07 2008....OUR CHRISTMAS DAY. We had a great Christmas with the ENTIRE family. My mom of course spoiled everyone. We opened gifts for most of the afternoon! Here's some shots of the day...

My stocking from Childhood...what good MEMORIES!!!We usually get PJ's on Christmas Eve. Due to the odd nature of our celebration this year, we got blankets instead. This throw is so cuddily.

Santa brought Elsie this doll house. Her mom made it herself. The wood floors match the wood floors on their real house. She loved it sooo muchA Rudolph build-a-bearThe outfit we got Elsie....A long turtle-neck and Skinny Jeans from Baby Gap. YAY!!! I got a bread maker! I've been wanting one for sooo long!All the fixinsA present from Ukraine....Its a painting of Todd and I in front of the Logan TempleI had to take a pic of Todd and his socks bc all season long when anyone asked him what he wanted he just said "socks"...simple pleasures.My dad happy about the beard trimmer we got him :)The purse we got JennyThe hoodie we got Zach (tryin to help him not look like a nerdy return missionary)I got "every day plates"!!! We have a really nice dish set but I've been wanting a cheapy set for every day use.A creative gift...its soy beads that you place under a candle. The beads come in all flavors and they give you recipes to mix and match flavors to make lovely scents...The holder is really cute too!Holy moly...we also got a new Microwave. I couldn't beleive it. We are so not deserving of so muchSpeaking of being spoiled....The family got a Wii!!!! As you can see the girls were thrilled. We of course wasted no time setting it up...Here's Melissa and I boxing (My shoulder is still sore from it....I'm not kidding this thing is intense!)

So that concludes our second Christmas spent with my family. We were sad to go...especially being that school and work begin Monday. My stomach aches just thinking about it. I guess we can only supress the man for so long..... Regardless of what awaits, we had lovely Chrismases!!!