welcome to my internet home. this blog used to be cool, with insights about mental health, social policy, pop culture and the like. now, it's a chaotic collection of my mis-spelled, scribbled-down notes on motherhood (who has time to proof read?). it's over-ran with goldfish cracker crumbles, slobery wet kisses, and un-edited pictures. and i would have it no other way. feel free to laugh and cry along side me while I balance a practice (mental heath) and motherhood, and their interconectedness

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hatch, Tropic and Chillaxin

October 18 & 19th, 2008. A lovely weekend following the dark cloud that loomed over October 17th. We won't talk about the TCU game. Denver lost that weekend too. My life those two days closely resembled what I would imagine living with an addict who hasn't had a hit for almost 24 hours would be like. Not good. In the most supportive way, I told Todd I didn't give two shits what the game was like, we were gonna have a good weekend (football free). Bless his heart he tried his dangdest. The whole weekend he catered to me and indulged my every whim. Bless the Lord for small gifts. We went with my family and stayed in Hatch Utah. Hatch is a lovely the place. Very rural. very. Beautiful and relaxing. We also went on a little hike to Tropic Reservoir. If I weren't tired I would go into the story about Ty taking on three horses and two goats. Lets just say Ty got head butted by a goat and kicked in the head twice by two different horses and my near heart attack later, he's still kickin.

*We took all these pictures with the cellphone (camera battery charging incident) so forgive the graininess*

BYU versus New Mexico

October 11th, 2008. BYU versus New Mexico. An important game following the BYU verus Utah State game where the team appeared, at best, sluggish. I will add about that game...Todd's bacon got saved bc Kenton decided at the last minute he wanted to pay an extra 20 bucks for an additional TV tier to have the VERSUS channel (so he got to watch the game). I swear, this addiction needs an intervention. Anywho, the game was, as with the last, sluggish! I was incredibly bored most of the game. Before BYU, before BCS bowls, before "the polls", I thought a win was a win. OH CONTRAIR! A win is NOT a win. Winning by only a touchdown or sometimes even more but not enough will mean BYU will drop in the polls, which means their ranking will drop, which ultimately effects their bowl invitation. I swear the system in crooked. The sport is more political than the damn election! I'm over it. Too bad Todd's not. As you can see, he was NOT happy at this game. I was bored (have I mentioned that) BUT my mood turned for the much better when I FINALLY got to have me a Cougar Tail. That's right, a cougar tail. See the pictured below. It is perhaps the best baked good I've ever had. Guess it makes the billion dollar spent on the tickets worth it (my ass).

After the game we had a lovely evening at the cabin. We got dinner to go and ate by the fire. Then we watched Sex and the City in bed. It was grand. I finally got to see the movie and I absolutely loved it. The evening was wonderful. Then we woke up to SNOW! Brrrr. Have I spoken yet about my absolute disdain for winter? Good for Christmas then it must go. I live in the wrong state I guess

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Visitors

I've been dying to see this movie since it went to theaters. Of course it did not come to any theatres down south (one of the reasons I miss SLC-independent films).
It was absolutely fantastic.
Sometimes knowledge-no matter how painful its receipt provides, is the only thing to be happy for.
May we all get the chance to see life through someone else's eyes.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


October 2nd-5th. We headed to Moab for wedding bliss, outdoorsy enlightenment and good, quality dog and people bonding! We had a great time. I am ashamed that I had never really been to Moab before. It really is a shame that such a natural wonder rests in my backyard and I've never been (backyard being a relative term given that it's almost a 5 hour drive)! There was some issues with the rain, etc but Todd and I tend to be so grateful for time together that it would take a lot to cramp our weekends! Anywho, here's some highlights of our trip....

We pulled into our hotel parking lot and this is what we found....certainly not the best first impression. This can't be legal right?

-Our first day in Moab was partially spent traveling and the rest was spent doing wedding stuff. I was roped into playing my violin as Kay and her people walked down the aisle (talk about stress), so that day we had the rehearsal and then a lovely rehearsal dinner w/ friends. The food was great and so was the company!

Arches National Park (attempt #1)

For our second day in Moab we woke up early with hopes to get all sorts of national park-touring in before we had to be at the wedding mid afternoon. WELL, the weather gods had something else in mind! RAIN RAIN RAIN!!!! This was a major wrench in the plans. Much of the park is pull-off scenic views, etc. which is less enticing when the clouds preclude seeing two feet in front of you! We also didn't get rain until we were actually in the park, so we of course had no jackets or umbrellas or anything remotely intelligent. Needless to say, we froze our bummies off. We had originally planned to hike to Delicate Arch, but quickly changed our mind when we saw the floods coming down the roads! Instead, we did a few tiny hikes and made the best of that attempt. I have to say we had so much fun despite the rain! We would just run all the way to the given site, then run back and laugh our butts off at how ridiculous this was. So bite me rain, you didn't ruin my trip:) Here's some shots of that first attempt.

Balance Rock

Sandstone Arch

Skyline Arch

(being smart asses in above pic)

The Wedding

I wish I could convey the ambiance of this wedding bc it was so very romantic and perfect for Matt & Kay. I cannot think of a better-fitted wedding setting for these two. Yes, the rain provided a bit of a damper. Luckily, the slick rock provided some shelter from the rain. This however, was a bit problematic for me bc everyone was crowding me. It also made me a bit nervous bc everyone was soo close and could have definitely heard the tiniest mistake. I'm told however that the music was without mistake. I feel good about it. I played a lovely Bach piece while the flower girl/ring bearer/made of honor walked down the aisle and then the Pachelbel Cannon as Kay walked down the aisle. I'm not much for performing and I DID NOT enjoy mr. photographer man snapping shots of me but I survived. The wedding was lovely. Kay was the picture of a beautiful bride. Their love was clearly apparent and reminded of how bloody lucky I am to have also found the love of my life (sorry, gagging can now cease). The very talented Jenn will be sending the gorgeous pics she took at the wedding but for now, here's a few also-great shots Todd took.

Another great aspect of the wedding....it was dog FRIENDLY! All events allowed the mutts except the reception. Ty sat in the car during the wedding bc we did not trust his conduct w/ such an important occasion but otherwise he was there! He met soo many friends. Here is him w/ Pippin. What a cute dog. I wanted to take him home:)

The reception location. It overlooked all of Moab. Very beautiful.

Arches National Park & Delicate Arch

Luckily (and contrary to weather reports), the sun was shining on Sunday. We went back to the park and successfully made it to Delicate Arch. It was the only thing I really wanted to see. I mean come on, its on every stinking Utah-promoting thing you see! There was lots of barriers to getting there (time, camera battery almost dead, etc) but we made it! The hike is only like 3 miles but it was definitely a bugger!!!! My sis had warned me but I thought it was just because she went in the dead of summer. Oh contrair. A third of the hick is up this fairly steep slick rock that is exposed and seems to go forever! Even when you get to the top of it you're not done! It was one of those praise the J moments when you come around the corner of this cliff, tired, thirsty and deflated to see such a striking natural beauty. Things like this remind me of the Majesty of the higher powers of this universe. The pictures hardly do it justice. Todd and I just sat and gazed at this beauty for almost an hour. Well worth the hike:)

The slick rock! See those ants at the very top? Bugger.

See the little froggie?
Park Avenue

We also had a great time hangin our in down-town Moab. We ate at the best little Italian restaurant I have ever eaten at. Todd got an alfredo dish and I got a marinera dish and we split it. It was so stinkin good. I also LOVE Moab bc it is sooo dog friendly. Everywhere you go there are dogs! here's us walkin the streets of Moab.
Farewell Moab